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BOOKMARK SA Publishing Group publishes books and prepares multimedia projects.

We believe in the value of the written word and the power of books. No matter whether they have a traditional (printed) or modern (multimedia) form. It is important that they are willingly read, returned to and enjoyable books.

No matter whether we prepare an educational workbook for children, a practical handbook or an elegant album, we give special attention to the idea, content and graphic design.

Every publication prepared by BOOKMARK SA is attractive, interesting and elegant. This is our task and challenge.

BOOKMARK SA will help you execute every order. You choose:
  • Custom-made publications – when from among a ready offer of titles you choose and order the publication we will personalize, i.e. adjust to your needs and your company’s identity.
  • Publications on request, when you require a publication that will help you attain your information, educational and promotional goals. We will prepare it especially for you.
  • Tailor-made publications, when you have definite expectations, ready material and you only need support in editing, designing, photo editing, translation, printing and distribution. You may rely on us.

Together we will prepare what you need.

You know best the goals of your company or institution. You know what you value. You know what matters to you. You know what you need.
A well prepared traditional and/or multimedia publishing company will help you complete these tasks. Together we will choose publication forms that will best meet your needs.
  • Marketing? Are you looking for an idea for a good and efficient image support?
    A suitable book can be the perfect present, prize or souvenir for important visitors, customers, partners and employees.
  • Education? Do you wish to find a way to make education interesting? Information materials, educational workbooks, multimedia bases of knowledge and educational games shall enable you to reach anyone you want, regardless of the topic of education or addressees’ age.
  • CSR? Are you intending to carry out an inspirational CSR programme? You need attractive material as far as the form and content are concerned. The better the message and the more interesting the idea, the greater chance of reaching the target group and achieving the objectives of important activities.
Perhaps you are preparing an educational, image or loyalty project? Excellent. We will choose the best set of coherent and effective tools suitable for this project.

Cooperation with BOOKMARK SA is easy. Our goal is your satisfaction.
Our client simply must be satisfied.

We know the importance of communication. Therefore, we offer our clients a simple and clear path of cooperation. Three steps, like a road map, lead us to achieve the goal.

Step 1
We listen to you carefully. We identify your needs and expectations. We decide on priorities. We suggest directions of cooperation.

Step 2
We prepare ideas and concepts. We choose the best way to achieve your goal. Together we decide on the scope and principles of cooperation.

Step 3
We prepare the content and suggest the graphic design. You monitor your product at every stage of production. Up to the moment you accept it.

BOOKMARK SA Publishing Group is a company established and managed by people with great publishing experience. For over 20 years we have been preparing and publishing books, educational workbooks, multimedia programmes and magazines.

We are a team of journalists, editors, graphic designers, printers and specialists in new technologies.

We cooperate with translators, illustrators and photo editors. Our assets include proven authors specialising in creating suitable content in all possible topics for a range of recipients, taking into consideration the specific character of the requested content and form into consideration.

For educational projects we use the practical knowledge of methodologists, substantive advisors and counsellors.

Our experience, including the supervision of the printing processes, guarantees the highest edited level of the products we offer.

We will prepare your custom-made publication for you. Whatever is required. And you will receive what you ordered.

And more could be misinterpreted. It is rather vague. In fact it is used more often as a challenge.

Contact sales
Magdalena Frątczak-Rusinowska – tel. +48 606 135 033

Registered Office: 02-508 Warszawa, ul. Puławska 41, apt. 19
Office and Editorial Office: 02-508 Warszawa, ul. Puławska 41, apt. 1 (scheduled to open in November 2011)